Austin Narcomey

I am currently concluding Stanford’s coterminal Master’s program in Computer Science. I have completed my Bachelor’s in Computer Science at Stanford in April 2020, and focused my studies on research and coursework in Artificial Intelligence (AI). I will graduate from Stanford in December 2020 with my Master’s in Computer Science, with particular focus on AI research. My research centers on improving Human-AI collaboration, and I am currently applying to PhD programs and preceding industry internships to pursue this work further!

I have built my Artificial Intelligence and Human-Computer Interaction research experience at Stanford under the advising of PhD Candidate Ranjay Krishna, Professor Michael Bernstein, and Professor Fei-Fei Li.

Check out the tabs above to read more about my Research interests and experience, Industry goals and experience, Publications, Teaching experience, and investment in Indigenous representation in AI.

The Research section is most relevant to my plans for a PhD, and the Industry section is most relevant to my plans for internships before a PhD.

My CV captures my academic, research, teaching, professional, and diversity experiences all together.


Reach me at ANarc at, or at Austin.Narcomey at

This webpage is up to date as of December 22, 2020